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Work from home - feel the flow

Time needed to complete this course: 1-2 hours (21 minutes of videos; 4 units; 10 lessons; 1 downloadable workbook).

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Have you heard about being in flow? The state of mind, when time just flies by and you do not even realize it, because you are so immersed in the activity you want to get done, the goal you want to reach? If you work from home, this course will help you create an environment in which you can get into flow and also be more efficient while also enjoying your work.

During this online course you will:

- learn about the concept of flow;

- get to know the prerequisites of getting into flow;

- hear several tips and tricks to organize your home office better so that you can get into flow ;

- have some ideas about supporting yourself and others to create a flow-friendly environment.



  • How to use this course?

The flow

  • What is flow?
  • When was the last time you were in flow?
  • Preconditions of flow
  • When it doesn’t work

Flow in the home office

  • What is your home office like?
  • Tips and tricks for an efficient home office
  • What do you need for flow?
  • How to get yourself into flow and support others

What's next

  • Keep going :)

Frenyo Andrea