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The art of powerful communication

Time needed to complete this course: 1-2 hours (25 minutes of videos; 4 units; 12 lessons; 1 downloadable workbook).

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Normál ár
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By the end of the course you will be conscious about how to give powerful feedback. You will understand the difference between data-based feedback and the interpretation. You will get to know the art of successful feedback and praising and you will get the methods for successful adaptaion. You will get to know easy-to-use and short theoretical modells, and you can practice with your own examples.
Before you jump in…


  • Welcome to the course!
  • My experience with feedback

First steps

  • How should we start?
  • Data or assumption? It does matter!
  • Solving the quiz

Powerful feedback - in practice

  • Let’s jump into it!
  • Let's have some practice!
  • There is more, let's continue!
  • One more practice

Personal learnings

  • Action plan
  • Closing thoughts

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