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Be a pro in time-management

Time needed to complete this course: 1-2 hours (37 minutes of videos; 4 units; 10 lessons; 1 downloadable workbook).

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During this online course you will:

- get to know practical easy to use tools that help you manage and prioritise your   tasks effectively

- receive tips and tricks that help you get things done more conciously and on time instead of procrastinating

- learn how to keep balance between your professional and private life.

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Let’s kick it off

  • Welcome Onboard!
  • Let's tune in

The basics of time management

  • Our most valuable resource: time
  • Prioritizing-how?
  • How to organise your tasks?

Time management in practice

  • Fighting time wasting habits
  • Test your knowledge!
  • What else helps you gain time?

Next steps

  • Action plan
  • Closing thoughts